Cliff Butler

Butler Consulting and Retired Vice Chairman of Pilgrim's Pride Corporation, Mount Pleasant, Texas

Bill Helming's new book presents the prophesy of (1) the economic judgment for the excesses we have wreaked upon America's economy and (2) the pathway out of the wilderness of economic depression through knowledge and change in our way of thinking and investing. THIS IS REQUIRED READING FOR YOUR ECONOMIC FUTURE.

Roy Ferguson, II, President

Ferguson Group LTD., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

During the 25 years that I have followed Bill Helming's economic forecasts and ongoing analysis, they have been uncannily accurate and on-target.

Kenneth R. Holt, President

Union State Bank, Uniontown, Kansas

In the 20 years I have been following Bill Helming's advice and reading his quarterly macroeconomic and Ag sector newsletter, both personally and professionally, I have found his forecasts to be very accurate and helpful.

Jack E. Martin, Ph.D.

Sterling Nutritional Services, Inc., Tucson, Arizona

I have been reading Bill Helming's economic forecasts since the mid 1970s. Bill has proven to me that his understanding of the economic health of the nation and the livestock industry is second to none. Bill is not only an excellent economist, he is also a very personable individual who TELLS IT THE WAY IT IS.

Peter Newman, CPA

Host of MoneyLine, News Radio 980 KMBZ, Mission, Kansas

Over the past 25 years of radio broadcasting and 50 years experience in tax, financial and economic services, I have interviewed the nation's best known economic experts to assist me in providing outstanding forecasting of what the future holds for America. Bill Helming has joined me on many occasions to give his expert assessment of the changes that are seriously needed to our costly, inequitable and complex taxation system and what's ahead in our bumpy economy. Bill not only is on target, but his predictions are always supported by historical data and solid research that make sense. Best of all, Bill's economic forecasting accuracy is unbelievable. My radio audience frequently calls to ask how they can reach Bill to answer their questions. Bill is a man who is one of a kind.

Richard Porter, Feedlot Owner & Operator

Porter Cattle Company, Reading, Kansas

I have closely followed Bill Helming's forecasts for over 30 years. Often he was a lone wolf making projections far out of the economic mainstream. Yet, a strikingly high percentage of his maverick predictions have turned out to be correct. Bill has an incredible track record of predicting economic events three to five years down the road. Three years before the current economic crunch, Bill had predicted it would unfold very close to the manner in which it actually did.